A commercial property metal siding installation by John Kenyon, in Freelton, Ontario.

General Contractor? We’ve got your back

Safety and quality are our first priority

Safety breaches can delay project turnaround, wasting your time and resources. Our upper management is actively involved in developing and maintaining the company’s safety policies, rules and enforcement. Kenyon is also a member of the WSIB Excellence Program, and is a multi-time safety award winner.

Skilled and flexible

Rely on our pool of unionized workers who are ready to accommodate your schedule requirements.

More reasons to add Kenyon to your team

Long track record of quality

From small retail outlets to large automotive facilities, Kenyon has been delivering quality to general and mechanical contractors for years. In fact, we have been successful in the construction business for more than 100 years. We will put all of our knowledge, skills and experience into your project. Now that’s something you can bank your reputation on.

No subcontractors

When you hire us, you get us. This means that you’re backed by our trained and qualified unionized team and the assurance of our full installation control and accountability.

In-house drafting

We control the schedule for drawing preparation, and are able to respond to last-minute changes.

Strong material vendor relationships

We’ve worked hard to be respected in the industry and to have healthy relationships with all major siding suppliers. We can obtain practically any metal roofing and siding material required for your job, and do it quickly.